Erel, from now on I am gonna protect you

and take care of you - Alty Al Lazel

Alty Al Lazel
Family Adopted father Brain
Age 15 (America 21)
favorite Food Salad, Yogurt
Attack Magician Magic
Zodiac Aries
Birthday April 5
Height 5'1 (157cm)
Weight 105lbs (48kg)
Hair Color Brown (Appears blue, and green)
Eye Color Aqua
Blood Type 0
Likes Rare Grimoire, Erel Plowse
Dislikes Rain
Hobby Fishing
Nicknames Al
V.A. (English) Lani Minella
V.A. (Japanese) Akiko Yajima
Character Themes A Vision
Alty Al Lazel also known as Al(アルティ・アル・ラーゼル) is a character from Evil Zone. He was a student of the court magician of the Finistere Kingdom and the boyfriend of Erel Plowse.
Al's Theme "A Vision"


Al has shoulder length blue hair with short pieces of hair on the sides along with short bangs split in the middle and has green eyes. He wears a white and gold circlet on his forehead. He wears a w

hite short sleeve shirt with yellow collar and the edge of the sleeves, matching white shorts with yellow linings, and brown steel toed boots with red v-folden sleeves. He also has a matching brown gloves and wears a white collared and yellow cross designed blue green cape.

In his alternate appearance his blue hair becomes green. His cape changed to gray and black and the interior of his cape is red and the linings from his shirt, cross design collar, gloves are a copper color. His shorts are white along with his top, but has one copper color stripe on them.

His third outfit wears a yellow sweater vest with a white long sleeve button shirt, dark blue-gray shorts, white socks and brown shoes. He also wears modern brown gloves when fighting and is not seen without a circlet and his hair is brown instead of blue. It could be noted that his real hair color could actually be brown.

Personality Edit

Al is shown to be calm and collected towards others but is also very serious and determined young boy who decides to protect what's truly important to him as it shown in his story. He is also responsible for summoning the fighters in I-Praseru to fight Ihadurca. He also shows sorrow towards other characters who are involved in their storylines. He also hates being treated like a kid as it shows in Gally's story when Gally scolds him not to throw a fit and acts like a baby after he tells him that he's not giving in. When meeting with Erel, Al also shows his feelings to her which he becomes very protective to her even he cries remorsefully for her in her ending after the latter defeats Ihadurca. He also has a great respect towards his master, Brain Zar Deline while in his illusioned version of himself who tries to tests him if he can defeat the illusioned self.


A court magician in the Finistere Kingdom whose parents were also magicians but who died when he was a small child. Brain Deline, who was not yet chief court magician, saw Alty's gift and took him into the court. Alty is very sensitive, but an expert in spiritual magic. He uses a ring-shaped spell amplifier called "Fughing Muning".

Evil Zone Edit

Al's story begins when he confronts Sho as Danzaiver which he apologizes for putting him and Yuri in the mess. Sho angrily tells him that he too need to fix for his mistakes as the fight ensues. After Sho is defeated, he is desperately calls Yuri's name. Al apologizes to him saying that he will destroy Ihadurca. Upon his travels, Keiya recognizes Al from Finistere Kingdom and his special abilities. Al calmly tells him that he uses all of his abilities against him. Keiya also tells him if he gets in his way, he will say goodbye as both had a fight. After Keiya was defeated by him, Keiya remarks about him being responsible for summoning them before he faints.

Al knows about what happened and stating to himself that he's being too selfish. When he faces Midori, Midori was excited to fight a powerful sorcerer like him. Al understands about fighting but being hesistant to fight her. Midori brashingly tells him if she beats him she will proceed and to defeat Ihadurca as both had a fight. Upon Midori's defeat, Al was amazed when they fight each other. Midori was impressed to see him that his power is capable of doing so much for her and she states that she can't talk back if she loses which she giggles and Al was calmly impresses to see her.

When meeting with Kakurine, she was impressed to see him that she was powerful than a human if he is able to defeat Ihadurca. Al notices about their world and wants to know who she is. Kakurine wants to tests his strength if Al is strong enough to defeat her. Al manages to defeat Kakurine as she quickly disappears and he wonders where she was. Kakurine tells him that she's all right knowing that Al is powerful and the love he had felt and she bids good luck to him.

When facing Setsuna, Setsuna is determined to know the truth and challenges Al to a fight if he can defeat her. Al refuses to fight her knowing that it was wrong. Setsuna also knows it was wrong stating that she wants to know about herself and Karin. After Setsuna is defeated, Al tells her that it was not wrong and Setsuna thanked him and she wants to protect what is valuable to her and he too as well. Setsuna also hoped if he can protect what's important to him as she dismissively walks away. Al wonders about what is important to him.

When Al confronts Gally in a fight, Gally becomes angrily desperate and stating that he shouldn't cause any trouble or trying to mess against the professional while pointing his two-handed sword Gilla Dacker towards Al. Al becomes confused and saying that he honestly does not want to involved in other problems and Gally becomes angered for his reasons even he had enough of Al's childishness as the fight ensues. After Al defeats Gally, Gally notices he was beaten by him as he gets up and seeing Al being depressed. Al is still confused as Gally gave him an advice that he can't protect what's truly important to him if he mopping around and he notices something has bugging on him and Al already found the real answer.

Al now confronts his illusioned version of himself which is in fact his master, Brain Deline. He tries to tests Al if he can defeat his illusioned self to conquer himself which he speaks the truth and Al becomes reluctant to fight his illusioned self. After defeating his illusion self, Brain was impressed to see him defeating his illusion self and knowing that regret would not mend things. He giggles for a moment that he was unfit to become his teacher after apologizing to him. Al also tells his master one last thing is to protect what is important to him. Brain was calmly impressed by his decisions and seeing that he had meet good people on his travels and he may blessed him for good luck as his illusion self disappears.

Al now faces Lie who recognizes him as the sorcerer and sadistically wants to gain the power from him. Al was confident to show his power while he goes in a fighting stance and Lie became arrogant to him about the word "enough" and he was excited to fight him to the death. After he defeats Lie, Lie becomes disappointed to his loss while he's on the ground and seeing that Shahal isn't responding. Al gloats at him about his power to protect what is important to him.

He now meets Erel on the way and knowing of what they are fighting for. Erel calmly tells him that she loves him despite both are clumsy to see each other. Al also loves her too and decides to stop her and Erel thanked Al for his word and it was the first time that she will never forget his word. Although, she already made up her mind just to protect him and she cannot change it. After Al defeats Erel, Al walks up to her who is on the ground, unconscious and he tells her to wait here and promising to come back. Erel finally gets up and agrees from his promise and tells him that she will never forgive him if he does not have their happy ending as Al knows it.

Upon confronting Ihadurca, Ihadurca knows him for being a human who wants to sacrifice and wants him to redeem himself with his own life while pointing her staff towards him. Al now demonstrates his abilities as a court magician while chanting as he forms a blue turned green star light from his index finger to protect him from Ihadurca. Ihadurca realizes about the Lost Legacy that Al inherited which she casually decides to let him fight her. Al states that he's not going to be defeated by her and knowing that someone is waiting for him in return as both had a fight.

Ending Edit

After Ihadurca is defeated, it zooms to where Erel is waiting for Al as the latter returns to see her. Erel happily hugs Al while being blushed to see her as she cries in joy with tears from her eyes. Both are now became in happy terms with each other after being reunited and it zooms in a nice blue sky.

In Erel's ending when the player chooses Erel in her story, Al is shown to come to her aid as the latter is knocked unconscious after she defeated Ihadurca. Al cradles in her arms as he cries remorsefully which Erel calls his name much to his surprise and Erel happily hugs him while knocking him on the ground as it zooms in a nice blue sky.


The middle name given to a male magician by the chief court magician of the Finistere Kingdom. The king has given the chief court magicians the middle name of "Zar".

An affectionate nickname for Alty Al Lazel. Alty doesn't like it because it is the same as a court magician's middle name.

Gameplay Edit

Like Midori, Al is mostly shown as a charge character and also to shoot projectiles against long range opponents. Most of his projectiles are fire based which he can damage his opponents with this ability. He can also summon a giant fire ball by casting a spell from his index finger as one of his captures where a giant fireball creates several meteorite towards his opponent. His finisher also creates a giant fire ball which separates into six small fire balls to ensnare his opponent in explosion which he casts upon his trapped opponent while channeling his full extent of his powers by writing the spell from his index finger as well.


  • In the English version of the game, he is voiced by Lani Minella also voices fellow characters, Midori and Ihadurca.
  • Alty has feelings for Erel.
  • Alty's astrology sign is an Aries.

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