Armor Void also known as Nephilm Armor (アモールボイド Amōruboido)(ネフィリムの鎧 Nefirimu no yoroi) is like a suit of armor but only used for the top part of the torso on the user.

Info Edit

The name of an armor that Kakurine placed on an intelligent being hiding in another dimension, in order to destroy Lea's incarnation in that dimension. The armor possessed inherent offensive and defensive, but it could not defeat "Lea". Some who wore the armor were destroyed by lea, as well as Kakurine. The mind and body of anyone wearing the armor void are used as the source of energy for the armor. Erel's nephilm is a surviving molten form.

The armor makes appearance by the user in Kakurine's story when the while defeating Erel. Although it is a forge.

Nephilm Armor

It is also a living armor that Erel wears. It has excellent offensive and defensive abilities like the real armor void. Erel can easily put it on and off. When it is not in use it takes shape of a talisman. When it is equipment contract is cancelled, it finds a new "Host" which is always a female.

Appearance Edit

The armor is silver lavender color that goes above the shoulders of the user that is wearing it. They are large in a oval shape that protects the user. On each side of the shoulders there is a jewel placed in it that is appears to be green. The user must wear the armor around the neck that is attached to the shoulders. It stretches down and goes down the torso just below the breast down giving off the same color.