DANZAIVER! - Danzaiver
Sho Mikagami AKA Danzaiver
Japanese Name (完全懲悪ダンザイバー ) (ショウ三上 Shō Mikami)
Age 21
favorite Food Pork cutlet over rice
Weapon Lightsaber (Lazar Sword)
Zodiac Leo
Birthday August 9
Height 6' (182cm)
Weight 149lbs (68kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type B
Likes Video game from Earth
Dislikes Hyphhae
Hobby Polishing Tactical Frame
Nicknames Danzaiver
Position Good
V.A. (English) Jon St John
V.A. (Japanese) Tomokazu Seki

Sho Mikagami also known as Danzaiver "('完全懲悪ダンザイバー Perfect Penalty Danzaibar) ショウ三上 Shō Mikami)'' is a fictional character from Evil Zone. He is known for the good guy and a hero throughout the game. He is special inspector in charge of secretly defending the Earth.

Appearance Edit

Sho appears to have a short spiked brown hair and brown eyes. He wears an aqua blue leather short jacket with a red shoulder holster at the back of his jacket and has white folden sleeves on his jacket which is just below his elbows and an extended collar. Underneath, is a short sleeved dark blue undershirt, blue denim pants with a white belt to his waist with a orange round buckle at the center of his belt and white and orange sneakers. He also has a Galactic Frontier Defense System emblem on the left sleeve of his jacket and wears red fingerless gloves with a white and black transformation bracelet where he transforms as Danzaiver.

In his ending where he saves Yuri from Ihadurca, he was seen in shirtless and later covers his aqua blue leather jacket in both of his shoulders after being beaten by Ruri after she discovers he lends his jacket to Yuri.

As Danzaiver, he wears a red and gray metal suit of armor with blue in the center of his chest and wears a red, blue and yellow sentai helmet to conceal his identity and has a gun holster where he shoots his laser gun on his opponent from his metal suit. When in battle damage, his helmet will be cut in half as the right half of Sho's face is shown on his broken sentai helmet.

His alternate appearance is his primary outfit as the color of his metal suit becomes blue and white and his helmet is blue, purple and red which has been controlled by Ruri before the fight.

His third outfit remains the same as his metal suit becomes white and silver and his helmet is white, red and yellow.

Personality Edit

Sho is described as being a calm and yet very serious person who has a strong sense of justice. He also shows his unawareness towards both girls, Yuri and Ruri who are in love with him. He is also being stubborn and upbeat after revealing to Ruri while fighting against his opponents in his injured state as Danzaiver, and he states that it was just a scratch. Later in his ending where he was beaten by Ruri after she finds out that he lends his leather jacket to Yuri after he rescues her from Ihadurca he acts as a loner to both girls who are in friendly terms.

As Danzaiver, he is a law abiding and a very serious individual which he is determined to save innocent lives including Yuri and is dedicated to fight crime and it's evil organizations especially Ihadurca as Gillaclva. He is also treating his opponents in a fair fight and also gives them some advice with compassion and respect (such as Al) after he defeats them and later Gally in his story. Sho's intentions are both righteous and virtue in nature.


A member of the all Galactic Frontier Defense System. The organization is in financial difficulties due to the current economic depression. Mikagami Sho, genderally called "Sho", has been named "The Special Inspector". He is a man of frank disposition, and tends to lose his judgement in a fight. He is currently at war with the planet "Hunting Brigade Cryos", under the command of chief Gillacilva, that is trying to capture the planet Earth. Sho is half- heartedly in love with his partners, the twin sisters Ruri and Yuri. He is currently crazy about a video game he discovered on Earth.

Evil Zone Edit

In his introduction, Sho is shown before transforming into Danzaiver while facing Al in his in-game appearance. Upon his confrontation in his transformed state as Danzaiver, he knows Al for summoning them for his convinience and also knows that he would stop him. Al tells him that he's not gonna make any excuses and noticing people from different worlds are here to fight Ihadurca. Sho challenges him to stop him then he will stop him as he speaks his motto as the ultimate hero, Danzaiver in a fighting pose to fight him. After defeating Al, Al was shocked on his abilities and blaming himself from his inabilities and Sho gives him an advice not to blame himself and justice will prevail.

In his second fight against Keiya, he warns him that he would ruin his plans. Sho wants to know what Keiya is gonna do as the latter angrily states that he's going make him stay out on his way as the fight ensues. When is defeated by him as it reveals that Keiya manages to injure him which he was called by Ruri who is worried about his condition. Sho tells her that he is okay and his battle with Keiya was an easy as he states that they cannot lose until they rescue Yuri.

When facing Lie, Ruri contacts him about Lie's sword, Shahal which they cannot detect what it's origin and warns Sho that sword is dangerous. Sho tells her not to worry and he is not wasting his time for him and is ready to launch swift attacks at him. Lie sadistically tells him that he's going to cut him into pieces to become very painful as the fight ensues. After defeating Lie, Sho was on his knees while being contacted by Ruri who asks him if she becomes Yuri. Sho becomes oblivious to her question until she tells him never mind implying about her feelings for him just like Yuri.

During his confrontation with Erel, Sho makes a promise to her that he will destroy Ihadurca and it is all up to him to do it. Erel berates him for his promises and tells him if he stands in her way she will send him to hell as she points her pink laser sword towards him. Sho becomes disappointed by this and he allow Erel to go easy on him in a fight. After Sho defeats her, Erel forgives Al for her failure as she loses consciousness. Sho realizes that Erel is fighting for Al and seeing for himself that he cannot lose in a fight.

When facing Setsuna in a fight, Setsuna warns Sho to run away from her as Karin was severely controlled by Ihadurca causing her to gain a severe headache due to Karin's control. Sho notices her change of behavior as Setsuna evilly berates Sho for not running away from her and also not to complain when he get hurt by her as she evilly states if he talks back and he's dead as she laughs maniacally in front of him forcing Sho to defeat her in regaining her sanity. In Setsuna's defeat, Sho notices what it was and he calls Ruri about there's another one as Ruri manages to transport Setsuna to a safe place and she becomes worried sick towards him. Sho becomes a bit worried stating that it was nothing compared to the attack of Cryos and Ruri becomes worried to him.

He meets Midori, a childhood friend of Setsuna's in his travels and she is confident to fight him together due to being summoned by Al like he is. Sho thanked Midori for her statement and knowing that both of them are gonna fight each other. Midori seriously challenges Sho in a fight calling him a righteous one as both fight. Midori was defeated by him and she sensed someone's presence as she pushes Sho to the ground as she was directly hit by an fire blast (an attack made by Kakurine). Sho calls her a fool for her actions and Midori was badly injured calling herself a fool as he contacts Ruri to withdraw Midori to safety as Midori was transported by Ruri. Sho notices the female voice in a childish tone.

Kakurine is revealed to ambush Sho with a blast after he defeats Midori in a fight and she knows him for being a righteous one during their confrontation. Sho wants to know who she is and he was contacted by Ruri who tells him to be careful about the girl and Sho tells her to shut up so that he would fight her. Kakurine scolds Sho for disrespecting a girl like Ruri as the latter tries to shut her up before he speaks his motto and his fighting pose. When Kakurine is defeated by him, she disappears and Sho wants to know who she is and he apologizes Ruri for being rash to her. Ruri tells him not to worry and also informs him that Midori is safe. As Sho begins to act, he's down on his knees again due to his injuries sustained by Keiya in his previous fight which makes Ruri worry about him. Sho tells her to take care of Midori before proceeding and not to tell her about his injured state.

Sho recognizes Gally for being a bounty hunter and it was his first time meeting him. Gally tells him that it was the last time he would see him and challenges Sho in a fight if he can defeat him in his condition knowing of his previous injury. Due to this, Sho wants to fight him in an handicap and he was again contacted by Ruri who discovers his injury state and tries to stop him from fighting. After defeating Gally, Ruri now calls Sho his real name instead of his sentai name and wants to know from him if he is injured. Sho finally admits that it was a scratch due to his injuries sustained in his previous fight with Keiya and he states about the last one that he's going to fight and orders Ruri to hang up the communication until he's down on his knees due to his injured state.

Sho later discovers the fake version of himself was a simulation suit and a remote control and becomes angered in whoever controls it. The fake version of himself turns out to be Ruri who controls the simulation suit and becomes angered after seeing Sho was injured after admitting it and wants him not to get hurt any further by stopping him and rescue her twin sister, Yuri. Sho becomes angered on Ruri's actions for being foolish and he calls her an idiot which he was forced to fight her. After defeating his fake self, Ruri apologizes Sho for her actions and tries to confess her love to him. Sho tells her that he was okay while clutching his gut and seeing her leaving the righteous one as he also tells her to wait and wants the coffee that Ruri made and decides that he with Yuri and Ruri are gonna drink coffee together which Ruri happily agrees to wait for him until he gets back with Yuri.

Upon confronting Ihadurca who knows Gillacilva is one of Lea's incarnations, Sho calls Ihadurca as she confronts him to know who he was and he sensed the sensation within Ihadurca was Gillacilva, his main enemy. Ihadurca recognizes Sho as Danzaiver as the latter does not want to be defeated for the sake of their world as he shouts his motto as the ultimate hero, Danzaiver to fight her.

After defeating Ihadurca, Sho manages to rescue Yuri as he carries her in his arms while being transported by Ruri at their spaceship. Inside the spaceship, Yuri is reunited with her twin sister, Ruri while is covered in Sho's leather jacket as Sho watches their reunion. However, Ruri notices Sho's jacket on Yuri's shoulder which angers Ruri from Sho who's trying to escape from her horrible temper and Ruri intensively beats Sho who thinks of him he was with Yuri while the latter watches her sister beat Sho down. Afterwards, both sisters are in a friendly terms while Sho is dismayed at both of them while he drinks coffee alone after being beaten by Ruri.


The code name for special inspector, Sho Mikagami when wearing his tactical framework. Danzaiver means "The ultimate hero."


  • It is shows he can transform to himself with no costume on, such as his normal clothes, when he wins a fight sometimes. However during his introduction, his normal self is shown before he transforms into Danzaiver before facing Al.
  • Danzavier astrology sign is a Leo; but acts like a Cancer.
  • Some fans think that his main costume that he wears looks similar to the Power Ranger's costume.

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