Evil Zone (Eretzvaju)
Evil Zone
Japanese Name 封神領域エルツヴァーユ
Released January 14, 1999 (JP)

May 31, 1999 (NA)

1999 (EU)
Developer(s) YUKE's Future Media Creators
Publisher(s) YUKE's Future Media Creators (JP) Titus Software (NA and EU)
Platform Playstation
Genre Versus Fighting Game
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer

Evil Zone or Eretzvaju (封神領域エルツヴァーユ Fūjin Ryōiki Erutsuvāyu?) is a fighting game released for the PlayStation console. It was developed by YUKE's Future Media Creators and published by Titus Software in 1999. The player can choose from ten characters to fight in several game modes including Story Mode, 1P Battle Mode, Versus Mode, Practice and Survival Mode.


The storyline of the game tells of a being known as Ihadurca, a powerful being who can exist in multiple dimensions at one time. Through heavy cost, the inhabitants of the world of I-Praseru (Happy Island) were able to temporarily confine Ihadurca in a dimension known as Evil Zone. Now, a tournament is being held to select the strongest warrior throughout the dimensions to destroy Ihadurca before she can escape from Evil Zone and threaten the world once more.


The story mode is a unique aspect to the game and sets it apart from other fighting games. Each character has a unique story mode which progresses like an ongoing television program, complete with episode names and previews with voice acting. As the mode progresses, you learn more about the character's backstory and why they are fighting, an incentive to play through the game with each character. Evil Zone is also one of the few games to feature a fully fleshed out story mode for its boss character.


The game tries to focus on simplicity with a "pick up and play" feel that isn't daunting to new players. Fighting takes place on a 3D field and allows characters to move backwards, forwards, and sidestep left and right with ease. Most of the fighting is done with range-based attacks, but it is possible to attack from a short range and use grapple moves on your opponent. The fighting system only utilizes two main buttons, attack and guard, unlike most fighters, such as the Street Fighter series.

Kakurine 3d in game

Each character controls in exactly the same manner; however, each character has a set of unique attacks along with an ultra-attack that requires the player to expel Power Stocks. By holding the down the attack button, a character can charge up to 3 Power Stocks. The time that it takes to fully charge a stock depends on the current health of the character; a character with more health will take longer to charge while a character with minimal health could charge all 3 stocks in a few seconds.

Many characters feature attacks that have lengthy animations, which adds a more dramatic and dynamic feel to battles. A general "dramatic" encounter can occur if both characters perform a dash attack at each other at the same time. This results in an event called a Pressure Dash where both characters must rapidly hit buttons in order to gain an advantage over the other player. The most notable animations are those used for each character's ultra-attack, which can last up to 20 seconds long. These animations can become even longer when they are used as the attack that will finish the opponent.

For more information about the gameplay of Evil Zone, click here.

Extra Edit

There is an extra mode in the game. This features the following.

  • Encyclopedia- Only World View is unlocked at the beginning of the game. To unlocked the rest the player must beat Story Mode with each character.
  • BGM- This is already unlocked at the start of the game. This is the music that is part of the game. This features the songs that are played at each stage, this is also the characters' themes. This also features the ending theme, practice theme, also the theme for the unlockable stage that can be played in VS mode.
  • Voice Collection- This is locked. The player must play the game and win so many different times with each character to get their voice collection. On select screen, the character will have eight different talks to choose from if the player has unlocked the voice collection of that character.
  • Narrator- This is locked in the beginning of the game. To unlock this, the player must play 1P Mode. Play as each different character to unlock each character's narrator. Once unlocked, the player can select which one that they want as a narrator. The character will speak before battle, end of battle, after loading, to format memory card, and other things.
  • Gallery- This is locked at the beginning of the game. Play story mode just once with one character and this becomes unlocked.
  • Congratulations- This is unlocked once the player has unlocked everything else. This features a congratulations picture along with the characters from the game talking to the player.

Cheats Edit

  • There are two extra stages that is unlocked for VS mode. The first stage is actually the same as the practice mode stage, but the music in the background is different. To unlock this, beat the game using three different characters. Ihadurca's stage will also be unlocked.
  • Beat the game with three different characters and it will unlock Ihadurca.
  • Beat the game on Story Mode with each different character to get the 3rd and final costume of the character.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version of the game, the opening theme is different than the American version. It plays a Japanese song.
    • In the American version of the game, it plays an instrumental background.
  • Some of the characters' ages were edited in the American version, making them older than what they really are. Those characters are Setsuna, Alty, Karin, Linedwell, Erel, and Midori.
  • Erel's legs are covered in the American version with short leggins instead of having her legs exposed. It was edited for censored reasons. It's unknown why the American version didn't cover up Setsuna when her skirt goes up during battle. In the Europe version, Erel's legs are not covered. Although the Europe version changed the characters' ages like the American version.
  • Erel's theme song is also changed in the American version with an instrumental background like all of the other characters. In the Japanese version, she has a song with lyrics as it is sung in Japanese.

Merchandise Edit

There was several merchandise that was made for Evil Zone, besides the game being released in Japan, America, and Europe.

Merchandise List Edit

  • Drama CD
  • Soundtrack
  • Guidebook
  • Trading Cards
  • Clear File Folders
  • Phone Cards

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