Faily, The Brave
Unknown female
Japanese Name フェーリー
Age 21
favorite Food Charas
Zodiac Sagittarius
Birthday December 8
Height 5'4 (165cm)
Weight 116lbs (53kg)
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Blood Type O
Likes Erel Plowse, Morning Fog
Dislikes Sorceress
Hobby Traveling
Faily (フェーリー Feerii) is a female that is mention mutable times in Evil Zone by Erel Plowse if the user selects her in story mode.

She was like a big sister to Erel, and used to travel around with her on there missions. She gave up her own life to save Erel from death when Erel was fatefully injured. She also wore Nephilm Armor.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Faily knew Al and did not like him due to he is a sorcerer.
  • Her and Rel both wear Nephilm Armor when they battle.