Guardian Angel Setsuna
Guardian Angel Setsuna (守護天使セツナ Shugo tenshi Setsuna) is a program story on Evil Zone. To play this episode the player must pick Setsuna Saizuki. The story contains 10 episodes in all. The user must defeating each character including the players clone.

The story is focuses on a fourteen-year old Setsuna Saizuki, that is a eighth grader middle school student that is known to protect good powers along with her guardian angel, Karin. Karin uses Setsuna as a host to fight. As the episodes keep ruining, it shows how strong Setsuna and Kain's bound is between them like a sisters love.   


Guardian Angel Setsuna Edit

List of Episodes Battle with
Act 1 setsuna and karin
Act 1
"Setsuna and Karin" (vs Danzaiver)
setsuna karin (セツナ 華麟)
Act 2 Willfulness
Act 2
 "Willfulness" (vs Erel)
katteda to shite mo, wagamamada to shite mo (勝手だとしても、わがままだとしても)
Act 3 my setsuna
Act 3
"My Setsuna" (vs Keiya)
watashi no setsuna (私のセツナ)
Act 4 refection in your eyes
Act 4
"Reflection In Your Eyes" (vs Setsuna)
hitomi ni utsuru watashi (瞳に映る私)
Act 5 with a blow
Act 5
"With A Blow" (vs Linedwell)
kurawa reshi mono to (喰らわれし者と・・・)
Act 6 im here
Act 6
 "I'm Here" (vs Midori)
soshite watashi wa koko ni iru (そして私はここにいる)
Act 7 trembling heart
Act 7
"Trembling Heart" (vs Gally)
kanojo no fīrudo sonotoki, kokoro wa furueta (彼女のフィールド その時、心は震えた)
Act 8 the object of love
Act 8
"The Object Of Love (Part 1)" (vs Alty)
omoi no mukō-gawa (zenpen)' (想いの向こう側(前編)
Act 9 the object of love
Act 9
"The Object Of Love (Part 2)" (vs Kakurine)
omoi no mukō-gawa (kōhen) (想いの向こう側(後編)
Act 10 setsuna and karin
Act 10
"Setsuna and Karin" (vs Ihadurca)
setsuna to karin (セツナと華麟)