I wanna kiss in the dark - Ihadurca
Ihadurca full
Japanese Name イハドゥルカ
Family Sister in past life Kakurine
Age 23
favorite Food None
Weapon Wand ( Vanalgando)
Attack Black Magic
Zodiac Virgo
Birthday September 5
Height 5'7 (175cm)
Weight 114lbs (52kg)
Hair Color Mint Green Hair (Brown)
Eye Color Mint Green
Blood Type B
Likes Destruction, Kakurine
Dislikes Orsa, Humans
Hobby None
Nicknames Iha
Position Evil
V.A. (English) Lani Minella
V.A. (Japanese) Kikuko Inoue
Character Themes Dark Passage of the Unknown
'Ihadulca (イハドゥルカ Ihdrirka) is a chracter in  Evil Zone. Her name is for Lea in I-Praseru. Lea is a being who exists simultaneously in multiple dimensions.


Ihadurca has long, mint green hair that is tied into a pony tail. She also has large, white transparent wings on her back and red eyes. Her main outfit is a black dress with a long slit on the side. On her shoulders are large floating stone like armor and above her head is a floating gold halo. The waist is adorned with a red sash that loops around and hangs in the front. Red tattoos are seen on her chest and her forehead. The player can chose her in a different color scheme where she has purple hair instead. Ihadurca posses another costume that can only be accessed if the player beats the game ones using her. It consists of a metallic bikini, purple sash, thigh high boots and short dark blue hair.

Personalty Edit

To people, she seems could-hearted, unwelcoming, unpleasant woman with no cares in the world. She pretends not to. Deep down she cares for her sister Kakurine as much as her own magic stick. It shows on Kakurine's ending she was crying shows that she was sorry for not loving her.


The name for Lea in I-Praseru. Lea is a being who exits simulateously in multiple dimensions. At her will, all of her thoughts can be turned into an attack or defensive maneuver. She is motivated solely by destruction. She has wings on her back which release her strong magic power. She was once temporarily imprisoned in the Evil Zone.


A living being who simulateously exits in multiple dimensions. Each being in the different dimensions has a common will and memory, but each has its own ego. Lea and Kakurine once had a close relationship in their world, and had established a support system for each other's existence. (The void given to Kakurine was on of Lea's elements for existence.) Lea gained the ability to have her own "Incarnation," Known as Ihadurca and Gillaclva in other dimensions, an no longer needed the suport system. She broke relations with Kakurine, and since then, Kakurine has made it her mission to destroy Lea's incarnations, and to bring Lea existence into one single form.

Ihadurca IL ImellaEdit

A women Lea had chosen as an assumed figure in order to incarnate physically in I-Praseru. She was originally a court magician in Evna Abraku, the divine land, and myseriously disappeared several years ago. Her ego coexists with Lea. Judging by her profile, she may have had a romantic interest in Brain Zar Deline, but this may have been one-sided. Ihadurca Il Imella may still exist, as one of Ihadurca's quotes is her dropping her staff, holding her head in pain, and yelling "She's still alive!". It seems that incarnating as someone for Lea is possessing them, meaning Gillaclva could be another unwilling host to Lea's mind, and Karin was another.


  • Ihadurca used to have a close relationship with her sister, Kakurine in her past life as Lea.
  • She made Incarnations of herself.
  • Her astrology signs are Vigro, Aquarius, and Leo.

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