Hee hee... goodnight - Kakurine
Japanese Name かくれん
Family Sister Lea,Ihadurca,IL Imella,Ihadurca
Age 10,010 (Appears 10)
favorite Food None
Weapon Hula Hoop, Voodoo Doll
Attack Mystical attacks
Zodiac Leo
Birthday July 23
Height 4'9 (145cm)
Weight 77lbs (35kg)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Brown (Appears red in the light)
Blood Type AB
Likes Lea, the void
Dislikes Lea incarnate humans, armor void
Hobby None
V.A. (English) Moriah Seebold
V.A. (Japanese) Omi Minami
Character Themes Feel The Mystical
Kakurine (かくれんKakuren) is a fictional character in the video game Evil Zone. She is a young girl that's been living as the same age in decades. She is a guardian priestess and fraternal twin sister of Lea.

Appearance Edit

Kakurine has a two straight length purple hair that goes just above her shoulders with feather bangs along the side of her head. She has a mark on her forehead (Possible a birthmark). She also wears a red ribbon on the back of her head. If hairs down her back hair is really super long down to her foot. (Seen in a concept art)

She wears a traditional white Japanese kimono with a blush color linings at the edge of her baggy sleeves and the edge of the skirt of her kimono. She also has a red obi that tucked into her kimono and a small ribbon at the center of her obi and a white sash with ochre designs on her dress. She also wears a green sleeveless top with a golden turtleneck around her neck, a large bow at the back of her dress that appears red and gold. On the front of her feet are bloody given off a zany look.The kimono that Kakurine wears is made of cloth from the Void and it was given by her twin sister, Lea.

In her alternate appearance, is her original appearance from the past. Her hair is pink, and the linings of her kimono is Dark blue.

Personalty Edit

Kakurine is described as a childish and intellectual person who is a child-like manner to others. Sometimes she acts wise, but yet calls herself stupid. She is also shown to be an hypocrite and loves making a fake versions of Keiya, Midori and Erel who are fighting against the real ones. She is also giving the others some advice to defeat her twin sister, Lea, but now Ihadurca in the world. She aslo warns them about her that she can kill them with her own two hands. She also became disappointed on other people as seen when she discovers that the Armor Void has been equipped by Erel (It isn't really the armor Void she once knew) and wants to destroy it after seeing the armor is not working. She also hates most of Lea's incarnations when all the fighters are involved in their stories due to their appearances (such as Lea's fragment, Karin from Setsuna's story).

She really has a deep voice, but since it doesn't suit her age very much she changes it, shown in both Lie and her story which she speaks from a childish voice to her own normal but matured voice.

Background Edit

In the past, her and Lea once had a very close sister relationship and Kakurine loved her.


She is an extremely pure soul existing in the supernatural dimension. Although she is 10,010 she does't age and stays the age 10 through the decades. She has super-transcendental powers. She used to have a close relationship with her twin sister Lea.

Evil Zone Edit

As her story begins, Kakurine childishly knows that Al is a sorcerer and stating to him that his magic will not work on her even the magic that he fomulated, The Lost Legacy. Al is desperate to fight her and Kakurine agrees to fight him as she childishly decides to play with him while mocking Al as her "big brother". After she defeated Al, Kakurine still proclaims that his magic was not working on her and she shows the cloth on her dress comes from the Void and it was given to her twin sister, Lea. Upon confronting Sho as Danzaiver, Kakurine knows him for fighting Gillaclva which is in fact one of Lea's incarnations that threatens Sho's world. Sho was shocked that Kakurine knows Gillaclva as she childishly giggles stating that it was a secret as she challenges him to beat her once he beats her she will tell him everything. When Sho is defeated by her, Sho notices Kakurine's power is same substance as Gillaclva's power and Kakurine finally decides to let him go and gives him an advice to destroy the other Lea which is Gillaclva as she simply disappears.

Gameplay Edit

Kakurine is a fantastic but unique character as she demonstrates her unique abilities at her disposal. She can also trap her opponents by ensnaring them with a single ring and controlling their opponents by using a paper puppet. Some of her abilities has her to slash her opponent with a single blow in one hand and also to absorb the opponent's energy by blood sucking them as her finisher. Her Eminent Bell can be heard when she executes one of her special attacks.

Trivia  Edit

  • It shown in both versions of the game in the Biograph encyclopedia in Extras Kakurine is Lea's twin sister but showing they have the exact same birthday.
  • Many fans often mistaken Kakurine is a lesbian with her twin sister. She has NO SEXUAL relationship with her sister at all.
  • Her name is really Katherine.
  • She has a rare concept art (Not sure where it is anymore) that shows the length of Kakurine's hair.

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