Thank you so much, Setsuna - Karin
Japanese Name カリン
Age 15 (America 22)
favorite Food Chocolate Parfait
Zodiac Virgo
Birthday September 2
Height 5' (155cm)
Weight 90lbs (41kg)
Hair Color Light Brown( (Aqua light green)
Eye Color Aqua Green
Blood Type B
Likes Setsuna Saizuki
Dislikes Setsuna's enemies
Hobby None
V.A. (English) Moriah Seebold
V.A. (Japanese) Kikuko Inoue
Character Themes None
Karin also known as Karen (カリン Karin Karen) is a character in Evil Zone. She is a conscious being existing within Setsuna Saizuki. In her past she was the pet dog that belong to Setsuna.


Karin has aqua light green hair styled in a short bob bangs split and has green eyes. Her dress is a different shades of pink that are light and hot pink with a white shirt under her gown of her dress. The back of her dress is split into a v and she is barefoot. She floats around Setsuna and looks like a ghost figure which she was empowering Setsuna's abilities and her swordsmanship.

Background Edit

Before Karin was born to existing in the world as anything, she used to be Lea from the past that connects Ihadurca. One day Lea released her power which created Karin a fragment in the world where Setsuna once lived.

In her past life after being released, her soul was born into a formal mongrel dog, Karin's name used to be spelled Karen.She used to be own by Setsuna but died one day in an accident.

After being so long away from Setsuna, Karin came back to exist again and becomes Setsuna's guarding angel, but a fragment.

Evil ZoneEdit

Karin appears younger than Setsuna and she uses Setsuna as the "host" and was responsible for empowering Setsuna's abilities and her swordsmanship while wielding her Klau Solas during battles. Karin protects Setsuna and helps her out throughout every battle. When confronting both Keiya and Lie, Setsuna has a tendency to protect Karin.

It was later revealed in Setsuna's story that Karin is actually Lea's fragment and as one of her incarnations as mentioned by Kakurine which she tells Setsuna about Karin being as a fragment of Lea and the main reason when she briefly controls her by getting a severe headache turning herself into evil. Upon confronting Ihadurca, she tries to assimilate Karin at Setsuna's body but Karin manage to reject the assimilation due to her friendly bond with Setsuna forcing her to fight them. After Setsuna defeats Ihadurca, Karin uses the last ounce of her strength to teleport along with an unconscious Ihardurca and disappears making Setsuna cries for her disappearance. Setsuna was later graduating from college, in the Japanese version she was graduating to high school and to noticed someone behind her and she says. "I've been waiting for you!". implying that Karin was revived and reuniting with Setsuna.


Karin appears whenever Setsuna attacks her opponents. She was also responsible for empowering Setsuna's abilities when she uses her special attacks, captures and finishers.


  • Karin likes chocolate parfait like Setsuna.
  • Karin was born somewhere on Earth.
  • Her astrology sign is a Virgo.