You don't learn do you? - Keiya
Keiya Tenpouin
Japanese Name Kanji: 天法院 慧矢Hiragana: てんぽういん けいや
Family Himika (Possible cousin)
Age 24
favorite Food Japanese Green Tea
Weapon Charms Ofuda
Attack Black Magic
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthday February 5
Height 5'10 (178cm)
Weight 132lbs (60kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type AB
Likes Himika, Dolls
Dislikes Linedwell Rainrix, Pigeon, Sake
Hobby Brewling Japanese tea
Position Evil (Hoaxer)
V.A. (English) Chris Wilcox
V.A. (Japanese) Hikaru Midorikawa
Keiya Tenpouin (Kanji: 天法院 慧矢 Hiragana: てんぽういん けいや) is a character of Evil Zone. He is a powerful Japanese magician of Tenpouin clan who seeks Ihadurca's power to revive his friend, Himika after being attacked by Lie.
Keiya's Theme "The Edge"


Keiya has a long dark brown hair with a full fringe which is pulled down in a low ponytail and black eyes. When in battle damage, his hair is loose.

As a Noh performer during the opening sequence he wears a light orange traditional Japanese kimono, matching light violet Japanese pants and white sandals as he wears a mask to conceal his face before being slashed in half to reveal the half of his face.

In his actual appearance, he wears a blue green formal suit jacket with white long sleeve button shirt underneath with a green neck tie on the collar, blue green pants and black shoes. In his in-game appearance like both Setsuna and Gally, Keiya's long hair changed to black and his black shoes changed to dark red.

In his alternate appearance, he retains his long dark brown hair as his formal jacket becomes dark purple, his tie changed to yellow and his button shirt changed to violet making his outfit in a shades of purple, his pants changed to gray but maintains his black shoes.

His third outfit, he is not seen without a formal suit jacket and he was seen wearing a purple formal vest with a white long sleeve button shirt with a red tie on the collar, he retains his blue green pants from his primary outfit and his shoes changed to brown. His long hair is now mahogany brown instead of dark brown.

Personality Edit

Keiya is initially described as a cool and calculated person and acts as a renaissance man. But in reality, he is a cold and a ruthless person and acts like a sociopath who does not hesitate to kill people who tries to get in his way and does not regret his own acts on his downed opponent. He is also responsible of making his own doppelganger on his own enemies with the use of his Japanese charms as seen in Gally's story where he made a doppelganger version of Gally before it was destroyed by the real Gally.

His own behavior sterns from his nemesis Lie whom he has a strong hatred with after he attacks his close friend that he thinks like it's his big sister, Himika from putting her in a comatose state which he takes revenge against him. Keiya does have a good side within him as he hides it from others due to his ruthless personality. He also does regret towards to himself after he defeats Lie in a fight as well as his friend Himika which his own motive is to get the power from Ihadurca once he defeats her. Despite his ruthless personality, he becomes good again after reuniting with Himika in his ending after his unconscious body is transported back to his own world after he defeated Ihadurca for her power.



The head of the next generation of the Tenpouin clan. He is a very proud man and is a noh performer. He lost his only friend, Himika, and blames Sakagobou No Otoko, the inverted pentacle man, for putting her in a comatose state. Keiya knows Midori Himeno but does not really like her. He usually keeps his right hand in his pant's pocket execpt when he is activating Akekazari. Keiya's charactistic elements based on Yin-Yang philosophy are as follows: Water, Turtle, Black, Wistom, Yin.

Evil Zone Edit

Keiya is the main character of the story "The Legend of Tenpouin" (天法院掃魔奇譚外伝 Tenpouin Souma Kitan Gaiden). Keiya introduces himself to Setsuna who has an interesting power within her which is Karin, Lea's fragment. Setsuna refuses to let him have Karin as Keiya states that he will get Karin before Ihadurca. After Setsuna was defeated, Keiya casually states that it was useless while looking at Setsuna who is unconscious. In the second round, he was confronted by Gally who tells him that he was not his price. Keiya casually tells him not to worry and he's going to die right here which angers Gally from his antagonistic acts calling him a pretty boy. After he defeats Gally, he knows that he can't stop Ihadurca and jokingly states that he's going to die here, laughing evilly as he lowers his head knowing of his terrible actions. When facing Al, he wants him to leave knowing about him from Finstere Kingdom. Al does not want to leave seeing that a human like him would defeat the power of Ihadurca which angers Keiya who becomes disappointed on his statement, stating that he was putting him in the same level as the others who calls them as stupid people and he can't let him do it knowing it is unforgivable. After he defeats Al, Keiya remarks about their strength are not the same and it was a big difference between himself and Al's valuable existence.

He later confronts Sho in his transformed state as Danzaiver he tells him that Ihadurca is mine and he was only getting his way. Sho tells him that he is a righteous one so he won't try to get in his way either. Keiya becomes disappointed from Sho's word about "righteous" which he becomes angered by his statement. Upon Sho's defeat, Keiya casually remarks about him being in his place as Sho forgives Ruri for his failure before losing consciousness. He now meets Erel who wants to take revenge against him for beating Al which Keiya was surprised to see her knowing that she loves Al and owes her an apology for his actions but his apology will not bring back the dead. Erel becomes angered for his actions which she never forgives him for hurting Al as the fight ensues. Keiya manages to defeat Erel and tells her that he offers his apology to her and tell Al before walking away. Keiya now reunites with Midori whom he rescues her when she was a kid which the latter gets mad from being stumble to meet him. Keiya tells her to be grateful and tries to remember her past in how he owes him her life and decides never to make any coincidence between them. After he defeats her, Midori loses consciousness after seeing his actions and Keiya knows she was a rundown while letting her fell asleep due to his beatings as he casually bows at her.

Keiya faces a fake version of him who copies his actions and his voice as it reveals it was a puppet created by Kakurine and she sees that her puppet is broken due to Keiya's beatings. Upon confronting Kakurine, he discovers to show her amazing power after she created an image version of himself as her puppet to control. He warns her to leave before she gets in his way. Kakurine was happy and seeing that he was candid and Keiya states that he was nervous as they fight each other. With that, Kakurine decides to leave if she sees him again she will kill him as she disappears. Keiya casually bows and he will be waiting and wonders what's his travel next and seeing that Lie is next and he tells Himika that he will be waiting knowing that he's going to take revenge against him. He finally confronts Lie known to him as the "the inverted pentacle man" who drains Himika's energy in a previous fight and puts her in a coma. Lie also recognizes Keiya as a sorcerer from Japan and sadistically tells him that he is done finding him. Keiya becomes desperate to stop him and he will show him no mercy for hurting Himika by beating him in revenge. Lie states that they are in different worlds and he will wait and see as a deadly fight ensues. Keiya finally defeats Lie and he regrets to himself to Himika and stating that she may not like it for taking revenge at his disgression and he will do one thing is to get Ihadurca's power for his own to revive her as he lowers his head.


An unconscious Keiya finally reunites with a revived Himika after defeating Ihadurca from his ending

Ending Edit

Upon confronting Ihadurca, he wanted to finish her off quickly as he can. Ihadurca states that he is deprtend human which angers Keiya stating who do he think she is and Ihadurca now needs his answer why he wants her power and also wants her life. Keiya tells her that he needs her power to revive her friend, Himika even if it ruins him. After Ihadurca is defeated, Keiya is down on his knees as he loses consciousness as his body disappears implying that he was transported back to his own world.

Back at Tenpouin clan's main hall where his friend Himika was alive and was awaken from her coma and Keiya was transported back to his own world in his unconscious state while she cradles in his arms and Keiya begins to wake up and says "...It's been a long time to meet you, Himika." implying that he finally reunited with Himika and showing his good side towards her.

Gameplay Edit

Keiya is shown to be a formidable fighter as well as being a powerful magician where he uses Japanese charms to his opponents with his Onmiyoji magics based on ancient Chinese yin-yang philosophies. He is also shown to be a powerful hand to hand combatant which he takes down his opponents in both punches and kicks as seen where he kicks his opponents as his grappling move and the other where he uses his both punches and kicks during his Black Capture move. Some of his moves at his disposal has him to entrap his/her opponent with magic circles as he chants in five elements, earth, wind, water, fire and metal and also summoning black crows and spirit wards as his special attacks as well as summoning a small demon in one of his capture moves to devour his/her opponent. Keiya also gains a glowing yellow short-bladed lance as he forms the short lance into a magical pentagon with five Japanese charms embedded on the pentagon to dispatch his foes with a laser beam from the pentagon he created. When executing his special attacks and his captures, Keiya is using his left hand to use his abilities while in his finisher, he finally shows using his right hand while wielding a glowing yellow short-bladed lance which he keeps it on his right pocket.


  • His astrology sign is a Aquarius; but acts like a Leo.
  • He loves Japanese Green Tea.
  • Keiya likes dolls.
  • In every fighting episode sequence in his story, Keiya poses as a radio self guru consultant to his opponents that he wanted to kill while reading their letters before fighting them on stage. He was also mentioned for being a self help guru by fans.