Act 3 my setsuna

My Setsuna (私のセツナ watashi no setsuna) is the third episode of Guardian Angel Setsuna. She fights Keiya Tenpouin.


Setsuna: Hello, this is Setsuna. Someone with murderous intent appears before us for the first time. A battle takes place insidiously. I cannot put down my sword. I must continue fighting. I cannot die here.

Karin: I will kill anyone who harms you. I don't care if you think I'm stupid. I want you to remain as you are now.

Setsuna: Nonsense! You told me to count on you, now you're going to trust me? It's nonsense, totally nonsense! Coming up next it's Guardian Angel Setsuna, Act 3: My Setsuna. Karin, you are not alone. You know that.




Setsuna: Who... and what are you?

Keiya: I apologize for not introducing myself. I'm Keiya of the Tenpouin clan. I am your enemy, and now I must kill you.

(Karin materializes before them)

Karin: I will never allow anyone to harm Setsuna! Keiya, I assure you, I will kill you!

Setsuna: Karin...

(Karin returns inside Setsuna's body)


Setsuna: Karin, are you alright?

Karin: (pants) I think so. (returns inside Setsuna's body, making Setsuna feels Karin's pain as well) But I may have... used up... my powers... (pants) I feel terrible...