Japanese Name ルリ
Family Yuri
Age 21
favorite Food All spicy foods
Zodiac Aquarius
Birthday February 2
Height 5'3 (162cm)
Weight 119 lbs(54kg)
Hair Color Aqua Green
Eye Color Aqua Green
Blood Type O
Likes Cats, Sho
Dislikes Bugs
Hobby Watching sports
V.A. (English) Sue Wakefield
V.A. (Japanese) Hoko Kuwashima
Ruri (ルリ) is a mention fictional character in the game Evil Zone. She is the twin sister of Yuri. She is Sho's partner who is responsible for attack reinforcement on the carrier seingreed.

She is more outgoing than her twin sister, Yuri. She is a bad cook and cannot make coffee. She secretly likes Sho.