I wont let you come home if you harm that girl - Sayaka perfuming to Setsuna
Sayaka Gregman
Japanese Name サヤカグレッグマン
Age 19
favorite Food Mint tea
Zodiac Capricorn
Birthday January 1
Height 5'1 (157cm)
Weight 106 lbs (48.5kg)
Hair Color Dark blue
Eye Color Dark blue
Likes Gally, Kiri, Dogs
Dislikes Damp Places
Hobby House work
V.A. (English) Shelly Fox
V.A. (Japanese) Kikuko Inoue
Sayaka Gregman (サヤカグレッグマン Sayaka Guregguman) is a fictional character in Evil Zone.

Appearance Edit

Her hair is dark blue that is pulled into pig tails breads on each side that goes down just below her shoulders to her breast. Her eyes are dark blue. Her smile brings out the beauty in her and she always wearing glasses.

Personalty Edit

In the story mode, she seems quite nice, and has a soft spot for young females such as Setsuna Saizuki. She loves Gally and do anything to keep him healthy. The game shows she loves animals especially dogs.

Background Edit

She is heard on Gally's Story Mode. She is also in Gally's ending. She is Gally's young wife. She has three sacred treasures; her braids, freckles, and spectacles. She has a wonderful ability to control Gally. She loves dogs, and also own a two-year-old female Yorkshire terrier named "Kiri".