I've been waiting for you - Setsuna Saizuki
Setsuna Saizuki
Japanese Name 斎月 セツナ
Age 14 (America 21)
favorite Food Chocolate Parfait
Weapon Sword Klau Solas
Attack Bird Flames
Zodiac Scorpio
Birthday November 1
Height 5' (155cm)
Weight 90lbs (41kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type A
Likes Karin and Midori Himeno
Dislikes Stale Crackers
Hobby Admiring Paintings
Nicknames Guardian Angel
V.A. (English) Moriah Seebold
V.A. (Japanese) Kyoko Hikami
Character Themes Decision
Setsuna Saizuki (斎月 セツナ Setsuna Sayuki) is a middle school student that has a guardian angel name Karin, that is always with her to protect her and all power that is good. She is also Midori's childhood friend.
Setsuna's Theme "Decision"


Setsuna appears as a young girl with back-length long dark brown hair with a full fringe and two upward fringes on her head and black eyes.

Her primary outfit is a blue formal jacket with a pale yellow sleeveless vest and a white long sleeve button shirt underneath with a red neck tie on the collar, blue pleated skirt with black linings, white panties underneath it, white socks and brown shoes. She also wears a single red gauntlet on her left arm where she wears the sapphire ring, Lea Feil and wields the sword, Klau Solas. The primary outfit that she wears is her winter school uniform. In her in-game appearance, her hair becomes black and her uniform becomes darker.

In her alternate appearance, her uniform becomes brown and her white socks is replaced with brown stockings.

Her third outfit is her summer school uniform. She wears a white short sleeved sailor suit with an aqua blue bola tie, blue pleated skirt, white socks and brown shoes. The color of her fuku is aqua blue and white linings and the edge of her sleeves are blue and white linings and wears a white headband on her head and the red gauntlet on her left arm is not seen.

Personality Edit

Setsuna is described as a shy, sweet, and a very determined young girl who can protect people in harm's way including Karin although the latter tries to protect her from being killed by her op

ponents. She is also overprotective towards Karin when others are attempting to kill her including Ihadurca who nearly absorbs her and her nemesis, Keiya who attempts to use Karin to heal his friend, Himika who was attacked by Lie and ends up in a comatose state (This also shows in Keiya's story, Feeling). When Setsuna is controlled by Karin due to her as Lea's fragment. She gains a severe headache due to Ihadurca's control where she is close by and her behavior changes from being a sinister and evil girl who finally shows her hostility towards others as seen where she manages to defeat Alty after the latter attempts to help her to regain her normal self. This also happens in Sho's story where Sho as Danzaiver was warned by her to keep away before being controlled by it. She became close friends with her childhood friend, Midori who teaches her self-defense techniques and the latter tries to test her power and skills which she was forced to use it in her story. She is also deeply emotional after she regains herself from being controlled by Karin in Ihadulca's control and she cries in regret after she forcefully defeat Alty who tries to help her regaining her normal self from being controlled and finally when Karin disappears with Ihadulca using the last of her own strength, she cries in anguish to see her disappear until being reunited in her own body after wondering in the park, alone in her ending.


A middle school student in the japanese verison (College in America version) who has a coexisting conscious being called Karin that stays with her inside her. She is a friend to Setsuna. Setsuna protects the inocent people from the danger of the dark world vice. Mikamuro is the name of the prep middle school that Setsuna attends to.

When she was a small little girl. At the time. Her close friend named Midori called Setsuna "Yuki "for her nickname. As growing up, Setsuna said she was bullied by kids in school. Midori also helped her from being bullied. She didn't know how to say the words "thank you" to her.

Some point in time in her life, Setsuna got lost and Midori broked her arm when she was looking for her. She hates the fact that she hurts her.

Evil ZoneEdit


Setsuna and Karin during the opening sequence

In the beginning when Setsuna starts in the story mode. She talks about how and why she was brought to the world that she’s in.  Danzaiver is there what to know the same. In the second round of the game, Erel knows Setsuna is after the something she is, Ihadurca. After the battle with Erel. Erel asked Setsuna to stop Al so he wouldn’t get hurt. Setsuna told her she well. Now she meet up with Keiya, he so climes he’s going to kill her, but in fact he wouldn’t do that. The battle ended and Karin felt like her powers where going down. Setsuna found out that Ihadurca wants Karin. Setsuna doesn’t know why Ihadurca want’s with Karin, but she doesn’t want them to be apart.

She now confronts Lie. When she arrive there, Setsuna feels the miasma within Lie's sword, Shahal as Lie believed he was going to chop her sword with his sword. Karin told Setsuna that she better be careful. When after it was over. Midori asked Setsuna to tests her strength of fighting. Setsuna refuses to fight her friend. She righted her anyways, after winning. Midori decides follow her and no longer needs her protect and Setsuna was happy for her friend. Karin comment about what she said and called her sweet.

Gally calls Setsuna a little girl during her travels in the desert. She told him to keep up his guard. Ihadurca took control of Karin, and was making Setsuna fight a good guy which Gally tells her that she can't fight him in her bad condition. She got control of her body and Setsuna said she was getting scared. When she confronts Al in a fight, Karin is severely controlled by Ihadurca causing Setsuna to gain a severe headache as Al wants to help her. Due to Karin's control, Setsuna becomes sinister and evil full of wrath and hostility and attempts to attack him on purpose. After defeating Al, Setsuna regains her normal self after being controlled by Karin and seeing that she had done it as she cries in regret which Karin forgives her for her actions. Setsuna finally meets Kakurine who recognizes Karin as the fragment of Lea which she kills all incarnations of Lea. Kakurine warns Setsuna to keep away from Karin or she will kill her herself. Setsuna makes a promise to Karin to stay by her side which she agrees.

Setsuna cries Karin's name in anguish after she disappears along with Ihadurca

Upon fighting Ihadurca which she confronts her face to face while wielding her sword, Klau Solas. Ihadurca uses her power to attack her which she attempts to assimilate Karin trying to remove her in Setsuna's body. Due to her friendly bond with Karin, they rejected the assimilation which angers Ihadurca. Karin decides to aid Setsuna one last time to defeat her.

Ending Edit

After defeating Ihadurca, Karin uses the last ounce of her strength to teleport herself and Ihadurca and disappears and Setsuna cries Karin's name in anguish.

Setsuna finally graduated in her school from her ending.

After returning back to her own world, she finally graduates middle school as she walks around the park full of cherry blossoms and she saw someone behind her and she says. "I've been waiting for you." implying that Karin came back to her.

Guardian AngelEdit

A name given to Setsuna when she frees the energy of Karin from within by chanting: "Unto the one eho illuminates my passage and destroys the evil, in the name of Setuna, I vow my unfailing love. For I want your power and soul, now take my body for the sake of your name."

Gameplay Edit

Setsuna is shown to be a very skilled swordsmistress with her sword, Klau Solas as well as utilizing self defense techniques which she was taught by Midori. Her sword attacks are very powerful and it is also shown to throw her opponent with her sword by summoning them and is able to multiplied itself when it was activated. She can also summon three faeries to attack her opponents at the same time or two fairy projectiles as one of her special attacks. Setsuna's swordsmanship proves to be more powerful as seen when she uses one of her capture moves where she heavily stabs her opponent with her sword or her finisher where she slashes her opponent in a single strike as she multiplies herself into two to finish her opponents in three slashes. Despite this, her sword attacks and her special abilities are empowered by Karin who is controlling her in her battles.


  • In both Japanese and English console cover, Setsuna is facing against Lie implying throughout the game that she is the main protagonist.
  • She is the only character to have two scenes from her ending instead of the other characters who had three or four scenes from their endings.
  • She bears a striking resemblance to Ran Mori (Rachel in the English version) in the anime series, Detective Conan/Case Closed where both girls are wearing winter school uniforms. In Ran's case her uniform is purple.
  • In the English version of the game, she is voiced by Moriah Seebold.
  • Setsuna once had a dog name "Karen", which was Karin in her past life.
  • Her astrology sign is a Scorpio; but acts like a Sagittarius. Due to her quotes "I see", and personalty.
  • Many fans think Setsuna is a lesbian, because of how much she cares for Karin. In reality, Setsuna and Karin are much more like sisters than lovers. In the game, it never mentions them being lesbians, it's just what fans believe when they mistook their sister kind of friendship.

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