"Setsuna and Karin" (セツナ 華麟 setsuna karin)  is the first episode of Guardian Angel Setsuna. To get this, the user must play on story mode. She fights against Danzaiver.

Setsuna staning there


Setsuna: Hello. My name is Setsuna. There's another girl coexisting inside me. Her name is Karin. Ihadurca calls out to Karin, and we were suddenly summoned into the strange world of I-Praseru. From there, our journey begins.

Karin: I'm sorry, Setsuna. Because of me, we have to...

Setsuna: No, it's okay. It's okay. I know you are me, and I am you. So don't worry. Next week, we are starting a new program. Guardian Angel Setsuna, Act 1: Setsuna and Karin


In this episode Setsuna Saizuki explains that she has another person existing inside her; a protector of her named 'Karin'. Ihadurca keeps calling out for Karin and they both was summon to the world I-Praseru. Setsuna is wondering why she was summon their along with Karin. Danzaiver wonders himself why he was to and suggests they should fight. Setsuna agrees and chants before the battle.

After the user battles, Another scene plays where Setsuna apologies to Karin for hurting her. Karin believes it's okay she was glade she could protect her. Setsuna is grateful and thanks Karin.



Setsuna: I can't give up until I know why we were summoned here.

Danzaiver: Same here. Let's go!

Setsuna: To the one who illuminates my passage and destroys evil. In the name of Setsuna, I vow my unfailing love. I want your power and soul. Take my body for the sake of your name. Karin, come here!


Setsuna: Sorry for hurting you.

(Karin appears)

Karin: Don't worry. I'm okay. I'm happy to be your shield.

Setsuna: I don't know how to say thank you, Karin. But thank you so much.