Age Unknown
favorite Food Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Likes Some say knowledge
Dislikes Some say ignorance
Hobby Unknown
V.A. (English) Shelly Fox
V.A. (Japanese) Kikuko Inoue
Shahal is an evil sword and Linedwell Rainrix's main weapon in Evil Zone.


Not much be showen, just for the fact that he using a sword form. The sword has a skull on it, meaning "Death". The sword has blood on it, it also takes in the power of spirtis in space.


Shalhal is another name from Satan, the evil one, or Lucifer. He was condemned to hell by almighty God.

Evil Zone Edit

Shahal is Lie's main weapon which he steals the weapon at the antique shop. He is also unaware that Shahal is controlling him despite his rebellious and murderous side to kill people. Shahal is capable of controlling the wielder whoever wields him as his weapon.

Throughout Lie's story it is revealed that both Kakurine and Ihadurca are aware of Shahal whom Kakurine calls this as the woman from the Cocytos and also an evil incarnate and is connected with Vice after Setsuna feels the miasma within Lie and the sword. Shahal manages to control Lie when confronting both Kakurine and Ihadurca. In Lie's ending, Shahal finally consumes Lie after defeating Ihadurca as his body disappears in a red light implying that he was killed after being consumed as the sword itself float to find another person to wield the weapon which it takes over the young boy who found the sword itself on the ground.


  • Shahal is Satan.
  • At the end Shahal takes over a young boy's body after he left Lie.
  • As the weapon, Shahal is a counterpart to Setsuna's weapon Klau Solas.
  • In the English version of the game, Shahal is voiced by Shelly Fox also voices Gally's wife, Sayaka.
  • In the real data of the game they say his gender is unknown, but more likely if it is Satan as they claim obviously it's a male. They might of put unknown due to the fact it's in a form of a sword.