Story Mode (ストーリーモード Sutōrīmōdo) is a mode in Evil Zone. In this mode, the player can only choose one character to play as and only in their main costume. The player has to face 10 opponents including a clone of the character they play as. Sometimes it's Kakurine or Keiya pretending to be the character. \

Each character has their own little anime sequence and talks before and after the battle. However, some characters doesn't speak such as Lie, or Al who has Brain talking instead before and after the battles. Some characters have other characters talking with them, such as Erel and Gally.

There is different endings for each character. Every character has to face Ihadurca as the last opponent. The only character who doesn't is Ihadurca herself, who faces her own self as her first opponent. Her last opponent is Kakurine instead.