Survival mode
Survival Mode
(サバイバルモード Sabaibarumōdo) or just Survival is a game mode in Evil Zone. The goal to this is to get as many wins as possible. If the player gets a certain amount of wins, the player will get to be put on the record in the game. When the game first beings the highest wins is 20, and the lowest wins is 1 wins. There are 10 slot on the record that the player can keep changing over time, depending on the amount of win.

In Survival Mode, the player only gets one life. If all the life is gone and the player gets a knock down, they will automatically loose and can't continue. The amount of battles the player won will be shown and it will show if the player ranks in on the record. If the player ranks in on the record, they get to put their initials or name on the record. They can only use 3 words, symbols, or numbers. The character that the player was being will also be shown next to the name and amount of wins.

During Survival Mode, if the player keeps winning on each battle before it starts the game gives the player a little more life than what they last had on the last battle they fought when they won.

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