The Legend of Tenpouin (天法院掃魔奇譚外伝 Tenpouin Souma Kitan Gaiden) is a program story on Evil Zone. To play this episode the player must pick Keiya Tenpouin. The story contains 10 episodes in all. The user must defeating each character including the players clone. In every episode, Keiya poses as a radio self guru consultant to his opponents that he wanted to kill while reading their letters before fighting them on stage. He was also mentioned for being a self help guru by fans.

The Legend of Tenpouin Edit

Title Card Episode Opponent
First Night: Feeling (想 omoi) Setsuna Saizuki
Second Night: Chivalry (侠 otoko) Gally "Vanish" Gregman
Third Night: Bewilderment (迷 mayoi) Alty Al Lazel
Fourth Night: Justice (義 gi) Danzaiver
Fifth Night: Revenge (仇 ata) Erel Plowse
Sixth Night: Fate (縁 enishi) Midori Himeno
Seventh Night: Shadow (影 kago) Keiya Tenpouin
Eighth Night: Void (虚 kara) Kakurine
Ninth Night: Wish (願 negai) Linedwell Rainrix
Final Night: Conclusion (結 musubi) Ihadurca