Versus mode

Versus Mode (モードとの比較 Mōdo to no hikaku) is a game mode in Evil Zone. In this mode, it can be played for two players to fight each other. In the option menu, the player can determine the many of wins for versus mode. The highest amount of wins to be won are 5.

In this mode, the players can choose amount life, and stage to battle. Ihadurca's stage and the extra stage will be unlocked once one player has beat it the game in story mode with 3 different characters. In Versus Mode, it is also possible for the character's voice actions to be unlocked by the character winning.

The players can choose different costumes for the characters to wear for whichever character they play as. At first, there is only two costumes to choose from. One is the character's original costume, while the other is another costume which is different colors and usually a little different from their original. Once the player plays as the character in story mode and completes it, the character's third costume will be unlocked. The third costume is also different from the other two.

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