"Willfulness" ' (勝手だとしても、わがままだとしても katteda to shite mo, wagamamada to shite mo) is the second episode of Guardian Angel Setsuna. She fights against Erel.

Erel on the floor


Setsuna: Hello, I'm Setsuna. Karin and I managed to win our first battle at I-Praseru, and realized how vulnerable we have become. However, we must go on fighting. I wish I can bring that on the fate.

Karin: Setsuna, don't forget that I'm here for you. Don't try to hide your weakness from me.

Setsuna: Thank you, Karin. You're right. I'm not stronger. I remain as I am. Coming up next in Guardian Angel Setsuna, Act 2: Willfulness. Karin, I'm counting on you.


In this episode Setsuna admits she isn't strong and very happy she won her first battle. Karin tells her she can't hind anything from her. When Setsuna meets Erel, she knew who she was and knew that Setsuna was looking for Ihadurca.

After the battle Erel was upset when she lost. She asks Setsuna if she promises she'll destroy the one that summon them, Ihadurca. She also tells her that she wants her to stop Al. Setsuna agrees she would. Karin compliments Setsuna telling her that she was sweet, but Setsuna dressages about herself and tells Karin that she just feels good about things.



Erel: You're Setsuna, I believe. You're after Ihadurca. But I can't lose now. I hope you don't think badly of me.

Setsuna: We can't be defeated, either!

Erel: You're very energetic, but you can't win by enthusiasm alone. (her armor Nephilim activates)


Erel: I lost. I know it's a strange time to ask for a favor now, but please destroy Ihadurca. Also, I want you to stop Al.

Setsuna: Sure. I got you, Erel. Karin and I will.

Karin: You're so sweet, Setsuna.

Setsuna: No, I'm just feeling good about things.